The Top Fantasy Football Tight Ends To Draft In 2019

The tight end position has been better than expected to start the season. Mark Andrews and Darren Waller look like mainstays in your lineup, Greg Olsen is back and there's hope for T.J. Hockenson. If you landed any of these guys you're probably feeling OK  about the position. If you drafted O.J. Howard, you're most definitely not.

Howard has been used more as a blocker and less as a pass catcher than expected. He's actually running fewer routes per game than he did in 2018, which is something none of us saw coming. When asked about, Bruce Arians said Howard needs to play better. This is especially concerning when you consider Arians' past history with tight ends in Fantasy. 

(Can you sense there's a but coming? Because there's a but coming.)

But I'm just not ready to drop a player with Howard's potential after two games. I'm certainly not ready to drop him for someone like Jason Witten or Vernon Davis. After two weeks in 2018, Vance McDonald had three catches for 26 yards. He was a top eight tight end the rest of the way. 

Maybe Howard won't reach the heights we'd all hoped in 2019, but I'm giving him at least one more week before I give up on him. Hopefully, Arians' comments lit a fire and Jameis Winston looks for his best tight end in Week 3.