A Final Word On Marshall’s Comments

FRISCO — Howls for Jason Garrett’s head on a pike intensify.

The Cowboys fan base has never embraced Garrett the way they have other head coaches. His measured, disciplined public responses are designed to say as little as possible. His robotic cadence can come across as insincere.

He stays on point, whether you want to hear that point or not.

When the Cowboys are losing, as they are now, the public level of disgust with Garrett borders on irrational. It goes beyond a GoFundMe campaign that wants him fired immediately. Fans want to punish him for not showing the emotion and frustration they feel.

They want Jerry Jones to take swift and decisive action, something the owner and executive vice president Stephen Jones have stressed isn’t under consideration in the aftermath of Sunday’s loss to the New York Jets.

Of course, the fact ownership allowed Garrett to enter the final year of his contract without an extension fans the flames all the more during a three-game losing streak. It’s an acknowledgment by Jones of the mood toward his head coach by the ticket- and merchandise-purchasing fan base.

There’s more to explore here, along with the reasons Jones is loath to make a change during the season unless the current situation dramatically deteriorates. But first, let’s get back to what most fans long to hear after a loss.

Philadelphia, like Dallas, is coming off a loss heading into this weekend’s division showdown. Doug Pederson went on local radio Monday morning and said this:

“We’re going down to Dallas, and our guys are gonna be ready to play. And we’re gonna win that football game, and when we do, we’re in first place in the NFL East.’’

When asked about those comments at his news conference later in the day, the Eagles head coach said all he was doing was expressing the confidence he has in his football team. Pederson disputed that constitutes a guarantee, citing he never used the word guarantee.

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Pederson took a semantical out. But his intent and message was clear.

Contrast that to Garrett. In the moments after the loss to the Jets, when asked if his team was still confident, the Cowboys coach responded, “I sure hope so.’’

And what is Garrett’s response to Pederson’s comments?

“My response is we’re excited about the challenge,” Garrett said late Monday afternoon. “Obviously they’re a great football team, and we’re going to focus on ourselves and what we need to do to prepare to play our best football on Sunday night.”

Put aside the outcome for the moment. What does the fan base for each team want to hear heading into Sunday night’s game? Which message is more inspiring, more of a rallying cry?

Pederson wins.

This is part of the Garrett conundrum. He has the respect of players, staff and management. He’s honest with them. Emotional. Motivational.

That’s the constituency he allows to see what he’s really about. Not the fans.

This is one reason the Jones family is hesitant to make a change.

For all of the talk about the impulsive ways of the Cowboys owner, he’s fired only one head coach during the season. That was Wade Phillips in 2010. There are several factors that make a sequel with Garrett unlikely.

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Remember, Garrett was hired as the team’s offensive coordinator before Phillips signed on as head coach. Garrett was the heir apparent. He was being groomed for the position.

Who takes over this team if Garrett is dismissed before the season is done? Rod Marinelli, the defensive coordinator who was 10-38 during his brief, head coaching tenure in Detroit? Passing game coordinator Kris Richard, who has significant input in what has been an underperforming defense?

Kellen Moore, the boy wonder who pushed all the right buttons in his first three games as offensive coordinator only to struggle in these last three?

When Phillips was fired and replaced by Garrett the team was 1-7 and riding a five-game losing streak. It was coming off an 18-point loss to Jacksonville and a 38-point loss to Green Bay.

Dallas currently owns a three-game losing streak. But two of those losses came by a total of four points.

The Cowboys aren’t playing good football at the moment. But this team hasn’t quit on Garrett.

One complaint is that the team looks uninspired and unprepared to open these games. That statement is an observation and difficult to support. Fans don’t want to hear this, but Garrett is right when he posits this theory:

“Often times, execution and emotion work hand in hand,” he said after the 24-22 loss to the Jets. “When you’re having success, there’s a lot to be fired up about.

“When you’re on the other side of it, you’ve just got to keep getting through it to make some plays.’’

The exasperation of Cowboys fans isn’t exclusive to Garrett’s watch. He must deal with the emotional baggage fans began to pack away 24 years ago, long before he was in a position of authority.

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The current public backlash isn’t all directed at Jason Garrett.

But he sure makes it harder on himself

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